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Functional solution to frictional unemployment.

Innovative Consulting

What do you expect from an HR consulting company? We are the solution to all your answers to this question. We are never limited to the services we refer to below. In short; we are exactly what your company needs!

Consultancy Services

Meet innovative HR! We stand by the companies we work with on how the optimum personnel will be, where they will be located and how to increase their efficiency while employing them.

Human Resources Management

A completely different method and operation! We play an active role in managing human resources in a way that best suits the business, the employer, the environment, laws and operations.

Performance Assessment

Forget the 90 executive assessment! With 360° Performance Evaluation, we measure the performance of all your personnel with objective and clear data. We make the ultimate contribution to your development.


We are aware of the money and time you spend in the recruitment processes of your employees, both blue collar and white collar. Let us provide you with both financial and time savings. Let us bring you together with the personnel you are looking for, with the features you want.

Selection and Placement of Senior Managers

We support your company strategies, future goals and growth ideals. Let us discover "exactly that manager" you are looking for who will support you and provide direction and method to your company on your behalf and let us ensure that he/she meets you. Bring qualified managers to your company through our networks both in Turkey and abroad.

Collective Recruitment

Don't be afraid to grow! We build your new team for you with the features you want. If you wish, we set up the new team of your branch or your center at a speed you cannot believe. We completely take care of your team and human resource concerns while you focus on your new projects and new customers.

Personnel And Payroll

Don't get lost in the files! We take over many of the paperwork that prevents you from doing your job, such as payroll, personnel file, scorecard of all your staff.

Work Time and Shift Management

Relieve the fatigue of organizing shifts and overtime! We make the most efficient overtime and shift work for your company. We stay on top of it and give you back dozens of hours of your time.

Utilization of Incentives

Are you aware of employment incentives? While bringing you together with the personnel you are looking for, we also save you sometimes all or sometimes a certain part of the salary and SSI you pay to the personnel. Not only do we want you to have efficient and productive employees, but we also think about your pocket when recruiting.

Staff Development

Listen to the sounds of progress! We provide consultancy services and trainings to improve the deficiencies that you see or that we have identified in your employees.

Intimate Recognition and Harmony

Harmonious team, efficient environment! We analyze your staff and your business from various angles in order to get to know your staff and your business, and in the process of this recognition, we prepare a more effective and efficient business life with a new compliance model.


Monitoring and control is no longer an issue you have to spend time on! We subject our work to constant monitoring and control to ensure that the results of our work match our promises. We ensure that your business is 100% successful with immediate intervention in case of any disruption or deficiency.

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